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2nd Timothy 2:15

"The proper place for a ship to be is in the water, but if the water gets into the ship, the ship will sink. The proper place for the church is in the world,



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Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 27



This morning we welcomed Eskie and Pat Jensen who came by to celebrate Jesus with us.  Welcome to Arizona!


The Ministry Continues in our study of the Gospel of John.


We remember 1 John 1:9 as we celebrate the Lord’s Table.


FILL IN THE BLANKS! (Check answers below.)

NOTE! Filling in the blanks each week, could give a serious student of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible, an education equal to a Theological degree within 2 years.  GIVE IT A  TRY!

The Gospel of John: Part 7


1. ___________ is a symbolic word that is used to represent the Word of God.

2. There is a cleansing, true sanctifying power in the _____ of God, the Bible.

3. The __________ of God uses the Word of God that has been received by an individual through prior study of the Bible.

4. We must be “Born Again” from __________.

5. The Holy Spirit takes the Word of God that we are _______, and makes this ______ real to our hearts.

6. The Bible gives us three outstanding conversions in the Book of Acts, given to us by God primarily as _________: the conversion of the Ethiopian eunuch, the conversion of Cornelius, and the conversion of Paul (Saul).

7. These three men are representative of the families of the three sons of _________.

8. The illustrations of the conversions of these three men also show that the ______ of God is necessary in all cases for anyone to be saved.

9. God’s method of conversion is to use His Word, the ________, and that Word is then used by the ________ of God to make the change.

10. God is not going to _________ our old nature; our old nature __________ be changed.

11. The old nature is at ____ with God. (Romans 8:7-8)

12. We have to allow the workings of our new nature overcome the old nature. We do that by allowing the ______ to work in and through us.

13. At the ________ we will get rid of that old nature for good.

14. Our old _________ can never be made obedient or acceptable to God.

15. Spiritual ______ is necessary so that we may be given a new nature with the ability to counter the old nature.

16. When we come face to face with the Living Lord Jesus, we have to take off all our ________; they do us no good before our Lord; you can’t hide from Him.

17. With _________ you have to be the real “you”.

18. Jesus will deal with you just as you ______.

19. As believers our place in Heaven is _________.

20. Believers can know without a doubt that we will be with the ________ after we die.

To find the answers to “fill in the blanks”, click here to view God Tube TV or here for Sermon TV.

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A Short 3 day Summer Retreat


Our camp at Clint’s Well, AZ—lot’s of pine trees, a cool breeze and plenty of quietness, a time to be alone with the Lord…

 100_4440.jpga 100_4463

… plus some of His “critters”. Namely, a friendly chipmunk, who, by the way, thought our banana peels were his personal treat.

100_4500 100_4502

We did take the time for about a 4 mile hike each day on the famous Arizona trail, an 800 mile horse/hiking trail that runs from Mexico, through to Utah… SEE BELOW!

100_4504  100_4509

The feeling of peacefulness.


At the end of the day, a campfire, a cup of camp-fire coffee and prayer time.


…The Ministry Trip Continues…

100_1830  100_1837

…as we start out into the West. We cross over into Minnesota we are starting to…

100_1843  100_2082

…take the weather for granted, and think “Hey! this is normal”. We now move up on the North side of Lake Superior, and on up into Silver Bay.

100_2152  100_2154

Here we are greeted by our good friends, the Dryers. They meet us with open arms. Beth coming up the sidewalk, and 8 year old Darby greet us with a smile of recognition.

100_2264  100_2255

        Beth and Jeff Dwyer…   … Jeff, a retired Navy CB, is now  working with local Veterans, as a regional advocate.  Praise the Lord for men like Jeff.


Looking over Lake Superior from the North side, with Beth, McKinsey, Jeff (Kathy) and Maureen.

100_2275 100_2277

Me, Jeff and Beth looking from a highway bridge at a mighty water fall, as the river makes its way under the road (Kathy is on camera).

100_2141   100_2142

A trip to Jeff’s hunting camp was a must, a part of his ministry to our Veterans.

100_2179   100_2228

Note the light house over Kathy’s head… A beautiful area, and the Lord is giving us a nice day to boot.

100_2202  100_2207

A Mystery on the Lake.                                                           Darby Dwyer

100_2307   100_2336

We move on up the coast of Lake Superior, the views are spectacular.

100_2313   100_2341

Here we stand at the start of the      Time to eat, as the Dwyer family take us out.

famous “Flint Lock Trail”.      

 100_2361 100_2367

After having eaten our fill, we gather with the family…

100_2360  100_2312

… on the beach, even though it is a little cool.    As the sign says. “Come Again”

                                                                                                      this is our plan.

100_2377  100_2419

…sadly, we say adios to our good friends, continuing Westward- and crossing into North Dakota.

…Next week… North Dakota, “The Land of Discovery”.


A Reminder!!!

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“Can you be a follower of Jesus, and NOT follow Jesus?  AND, If you’re NOT a follower of Christ, are you a Christian? 

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Continue to pray for us as we seek to serve the Lord here in Arizona.
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  1. Yes;
    We live in a Beautiful Country

  2. Hi Pastor Bill and Kathy,
    It's been so enjoyable reading your messages, and following your missions trip across the U.S.! Looking forward
    to your continued trip....
    Have a blessed day!

  3. Nice lake pictures. Your topic reminded me of "The Church's One Foundation"

  4. Dr. Bill,
    Enjoyed this.