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2nd Timothy 2:15

"The proper place for a ship to be is in the water, but if the water gets into the ship, the ship will sink. The proper place for the church is in the world,



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Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 29







FILL IN THE BLANKS! (Check answers below.)

NOTE! Filling in the blanks each week, could give a serious student of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible, an education equal to a Theological degree within 2 years.  GIVE IT A  TRY!

“The First Work”

The Gospel of John: Part 4—John 2:1-11

1. Jesus performed His first _______ at a marriage he was invited to in __________.

2. The Bible record makes it very clear that Jesus did not perform miracles in Egypt or as a boy, but that His _______ miracle was at Cana in Galilee.

3. One very interesting thing is that John carefully gives us the __________ and _______—the chronological sequence and the geography.

4. We can notice that “the mother of Jesus” is never called ___________ in the Gospel of John.

5. Christ began His earthly ministry with a __________ and He will conclude it, as far as the Church is concerned with a ___________ in Heaven.

6. At the Marriage Supper of the Lamb the _______ will be presented to Jesus as a ________.

7. Here at the wedding in Cana, Mary is asking Jesus to do something that will demonstrate who He is to ________ her _________. He tells her that He is going to do just that—He will _____ her ________—but that hour has not yet come.

8. His hour did come—His __________ proves who He is and also proves the ______ _____ that His mother was telling the truth all these 33 years, that He is the ______ of ________.

9. John 2:5 “His mother said to the servants, ‘Do whatever He tells you.’”—Some very good _____________.

To find the answers to “fill in the blanks”, click here to view God Tube TV or here for Sermon TV.

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On 6/25 the Church Leadership Team met for Food  and Fellowship.

Attending are:  Pastor Bill, Kathy and Scott…



… also attending are:  Shirley, Todd, Adriana, missing, due to a heavy 16 hour work schedule, is Bobby.


The Food was good and the Fellowship was Fine!

100_3626   100_3632


Todd, Adriana, Gavin, Shirley & Scott, enjoying the food, along with some  interesting conversation.


Please keep us in your prayers.


Responding to Disappointment, (a good read)


To find examples of wise, godly reactions to disappointment, you’re more likely to turn to Psalms than to Matthew. But the very first chapter in the New Testament tells the story of an upright man’s reaction to painful and disheartening news.

Joseph—Jesus’ earthly father—was a righteous person. A godly man wants a wife who shares his desire to honor and obey the Lord, and Scripture indicates that Mary was exactly that sort of woman. So imagine how stunned Joseph must have been when Mary returned from a long visit with her relative Elizabeth and told him that she was pregnant. Moreover, she was claiming no man had touched her.

Any way Joseph looked at the situation, it appeared grim. And yet Matthew 1:20 says that he “considered”—in other words, he sought a wise, righteous response. God entered Joseph’s life in a dramatic way to confirm Mary’s story and put a stop to his “quiet annulment” plans.

The Lord turned Joseph’s mourning into joy. Mary had told the truth—strange and startling as it was. The couple would bear the intense public censure of an early pregnancy, but Joseph stopped thinking about what others would say. God had blessed work for him: to raise the Messiah alongside a faithful woman.

Followers of Christ should seek a godly response to disappointments they face. Since the Lord always has a plan, the wisest reaction is to anticipate the good He can do and await His timing. God certainly blessed Joseph for his willingness to “seek first His kingdom” (Matt. 6:33).

God always provides exactly what we need.



100_1232   100_1233

As we continued on our way, we cross over the Mississippi River into Tennessee, as the storm also continues ragging on.

100_1241    100_1250

Heading toward Kentucky, the rain continued to fall.  Looking out the windows we realized what we were missing.  The countryside was beautiful, the only problem, we couldn’t fully see the beauty because of the pouring rain.

100_1251   100_1255

As we continued North getting closer to Henderson, KY, the rain started to lighten up. Perhaps a better day, tomorrow.

100_1258   100_1259

We spent the night in a Motel in Henderson.


Praise the Lord, getting up the next morning we did find clear skies.

We took note of the corn as we drove past. It looked pretty good, but rather small compared to Arizona’s 10’ foot tall corn.

100_1271  0628141003a

                 Kentucky Corn                                     Arizona Corn

  0628141004   100_1292

Arizona Corn (about 10’)               Kentucky Corn (about 12”)

100_1290  100_1283

We headed out to visit with friends in Fordsville, KY.  It was plain to see that we were in Amish Country, NOTE: the horse carriage in the yard.

100_1298   100_1304

We continued out to Sugar Grove Baptist Church in Fordsville, KY, in time to have a short, but nice visit with our friends, Pastor Eddie Calloway (who has pastored this church for more than 30 years), his wife and daughter.

100_1305   100_1307

Pastor Calloway, a true “HERO”, This warrior served our country side by side with me in the US Navy, serving together on board the USS Richard E. Kraus, DD 849 ( a Navy Destroyer), during the Cuban Missile Crises.  Setting on station on FULL ALERT (General quarters), as a part of  the Cuban Blockade.  It was a time of stress and  high anxiety, as the world looked on and waited, knowing we were only one BLINK away from a nuclear WWIII.  Today, a Spiritual battle rages on, we continue to serve together, today, in different locations,  our Commander and Chief today is the Lord Jesus the Christ (GOD HIMSELF).  You and your family are in our prayers Pastor Eddie!

USS Kraus

A Fast Ship Headed in Harms Way (USS R.E. Kraus DD 849)

100_1309a   100_1317

A much too short  of a visit…but we must be on our way across the Ohio River, and on into Indiana.


More on the this continuing Saga, Next Week, Same Time-Same Place.

Lord Bless


Newburgh Theological Seminary Graduation

Newburgh Theological Seminary Graduation

A Reminder!!!

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  1. Thank You Both so very much for the pictures yes, and especially for the visit!.... You are so much appreciated.
    That thermometer picture looked scary at 110degrees....... I am thankful the Lord has prepared you for such extreme heat.

  2. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you so much for the family video. We really enjoyed it. Beautiful families and good music!! Be well and at peace.

  3. Greetings My Friends
    May God give you a Beautiful day today and everyday... even in the rain.
    We have been getting our overdue rain! Praise Jesus.

    Tonight is our Singspiration - I only would that more would come.... and enjoy!
    God's Best to you

  4. Hi Bill and Kathy,

    Got all the pictures ... thank so much!! And we enjoyed your time here with us as well!

    Oh, about the temp. when you got home..... bet you miss the cool north now!!! LOL!

    Again, it was soooo good to see you both again!

    God's blessings

  5. Thank You so much.

    A very nice visit for you guys.

  6. I hope you both had a blessed vacation! I pray it was a time of awesome fellowship, and a time of rest!

    Alive in Christ!