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Men Prepare Sermons; God Prepares Men

2nd Timothy 2:15

"The proper place for a ship to be is in the water, but if the water gets into the ship, the ship will sink. The proper place for the church is in the world,



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"Now fear the Lord and serve Him with all faithfulness...But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve...But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."-Joshua 24:14-15

Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 7



The Arizona temperature is still warming up!  Thank God for Air conditioning.
IMG_4178  IMG_4171
We moved the Church Service into unit #1, As I  welcomed our guests, the AC did feel mighty fine, mighty fine - we all received a Blessing from the Lord as Kathy shared her music with us. We are truly Blessed.
IMG_4180  IMG_4179
The congregation singing was Great! The Teaching today was on New/Old wineskins. We ended the service with the offering of Communion. What a BLESSING to be serving the Lord!

We continue our focus this week on CRM, Intl.

Please pray for the following:

HoHoKam1 CRM NEW Intl Logo 2008 outline
General Director of CRM International and his wife
Sally & Dennis Maloney

Resort Logo outline - Bob and Barb Ruesch  Bob&Barb

Christian Resort Ministries - RV Resort Ministry

Opportunities for our Chaplains to boldly share the eternal opportunity of Christ.
Medical challenges – one of our Chaplains is away from his home ministering to his father who is very ill. Please pray for guidance, strength and wisdom as he is away from his home, but doing the Lord’s work
Wisdom in traveling – Chaplains are always on the move. The cost of fuel is going to continue to be a factor for the faith based ministry along with the hazards of traveling. Continue to pray for journey mercies and divine appointments to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Senior Chaplain Bob Ruesch

Chaplain University - Training for RV & Medical Chaplains

Students continue to enroll – but we can always teach to a few more! Pray that God will lay conviction upon the hearts of those He would like to see at Chaplain University and that the subject matter would be meaningful and valuable to the students as they go forth.
The teaching staff – staff continues to prepare to bring direction, education, opportunity and God’s word to the students who will.

Thoughts by Dr. Daniel Griffin - Director of Training and Counseling

DanGriffinPrayer and Effort - By Augustine
Reject those who say we need only our own free will and not Prayer to help us keep from sin. Even the Pharisee wasn’t blinded by such darkness. For although he mistakenly thought he only needed his own righteousness (and believed he was saturated with it), nevertheless, he thanked God that he wasn’t “like other men, unjust, extortions, adulterers, or even as the publican; for he fasted twice in the week, he gave tithes of all that he possessed.’… Even so, God didn’t approve him because he did not ask for additional righteousness, as though he was full of it already. He also arrogantly preferred himself to the tax gatherer who hungered and thirsted for righteousness. So then, what about those who acknowledge they don’t have righteousness, but believe they can find it within themselves instead of seeking their Creator, the source of all righteousness?

Yet it isn’t a question of prayers alone, as if we don’t need to include our willful efforts. For although God is “our helper,” we cannot be helped if e don’t make some effort f our own. God doesn’t work out our salvation in us as if we are dull stones or creatures without reason or will.

Augustine (354-430 ad) Augustine is considered by many to be the most important church father and is likely the most widely known due to his writing Confessions.

Augustine is my favorite character out of History, and I am looking forward to meeting him in Glory. (Dr. Dan)
Life Borders Logo swish WEB – Richard McCool  RichardMcCool

Free Medical Clinics, Food/Clothing Banks

Hope Clinic in Eufaula, OK Please pray that the Lord would send the perfect personnel and volunteers to minister to those who need not only medical help but spiritual help as well.
Praise for Hope Clinic is that there are three chaplains serving at the clinic!
Tree of Life Clinic it is a challenge to support a medical clinic, whether in a metro, urban or rural, farm setting. Pray that God will bring people along side our dedicated staff to minister.
Eufaula Food Bank, with the recession and the depth of unemployment in the area the shelves are becoming empty. Any help would be appreciated. When at the grocery store consider purchasing a few extra food or staple items to supplement the empty shelves.

Free Medical Clinic of Branson - FMCO is growing each month, pray for the staff, the clients and the community to learn and know Jesus.

Pray for me as I minister not only with Life Borders but preach in local churches in the community. Sr. Chaplain Richard McCool
Santuary Outpost LOGO 

Sanctuary Outpost – Beyond the borders and stewardship

We are working on coordinating efforts for coordination with some church planters as they answer the call of God to move beyond the borders to bring the word of God to others in . Pray we can be a support and coordinator to make their opportunities effortless as they start to look at sharing the work and word of God.
Presenting the works of CRM international is paramount to bringing recognition and support to the mission, please continue to pray for appointment opportunities to share about the ministry.
Raymond & Marion Smith

Pancake Breakfast # 2 Yum!

The Pancakes and sausage are just about ready, as the cooks, Larry and Amber are busy with the preparation, (they do such a good job), while Loretta and Julie assist with other things.
WHAT A TURN OUT! With great food and fellowship, who could resist!
A great time with food, and fellowship!
Now! it’s our turn to have our breakfast, GREAT!

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Continue to pray for us as we seek to serve the Lord here in the desert.
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  1. Hi Fellow Warriors

    I too am thankful to have air conditioning and it is much cooler there than that thermometer showed!!!

    Tonight I will be teaching again on routines......are they working....... I think so many keep failed routines that it wouldn't hurt to teach about it.

    You both are looking good and it is clear you are busy as a one armed wall paper hanger...... I am not that busy but I would like to be .... attendance was down today with vacations and such ...... yet the bars and sporting events are full.

    Yes this country could use some personal revivial.... better check myself first......

    love you both and do not fail to lift you to our Father.

    Hope to start some fishing this next week and see if anything wants to be dinner........
    pj and L

  2. Yes, we receive and enjoy your periodicals. Thank you very much.