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2nd Timothy 2:15

"The proper place for a ship to be is in the water, but if the water gets into the ship, the ship will sink. The proper place for the church is in the world,



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Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 5

Our focus this week is on CRM, Intl.

Please pray for the following:

      HoHoKam1          CRM NEW Intl Logo 2008 outline
General Director of CRM International and his wife
Sally & Dennis Maloney

Resort Logo outline - Bob and Barb Ruesch  Bob&Barb

Summer opportunities for our Chaplains to boldly share the eternal opportunity of Christ where they are serving.

Medical challenges – several of CRM Chaplains and wives are experiencing surgery and recovery, pray for spiritual guidance for the Doctors and their staff and for a full and fast recovery.

Loss of family – a Chaplain has recently buried his mother, pray for him, his wife and family during this time of grieving adjustment, she was a believer, so Heaven has another citizen!

Wisdom in traveling – as the summer comes upon us, please pray we will wisely use this time for renewal and opportunities to share the mission of CRM to individuals, owners and managers of RV Resorts.

Chaplain University - Training for RV & Medical Chaplains

Pray for the couples and individuals – who are enrolling in this course of study that their finances, travel and educational opportunity would be glorifying to God

Pray for the teaching staff – that they would boldly teach the word of God, the subject matter would be what God wants to be taught

Student enrollment – for those who are thinking of coming, that they would be moved to seek and hear God’s calling to be a part of Chaplain University.

Thoughts by Dr. Daniel Griffin - Director of Training and Counseling

Just this week, a man asked this question, “What do you want for the ministry of CRM International?” The answer was not hard to share with him. I want an “Evangelistic Atmosphere” to be a mainstay of every worker in our ministry. Across our land and around the world great ministries are known for their love for the souls of men. Churches and Missionary Ministries with such a longing in the heart of its workers are constantly being blessed of the Lord. My heart is determined to witness of the saving grace of God at every opportunity afforded me.

What exactly is an “Evangelistic Atmosphere?” Does it mean that salvation is the only thing preached in our ministries; absolutely not, but in each message there should be something that convicts the heart of the lost.

To answer the important question, a ministry with an “evangelistic atmosphere” is simply one whose heartbeat, breath of life and very purpose for existence revolves around the premise that the lost must be won to Christ. Join me as you pray for our workers, that they may produce such an atmosphere in their work.

Life Borders Logo swish WEB – Richard McCool  RichardMcCool

Free Medical Clinics, Food/Clothing Banks

Hope Clinic in Eufaula, OK is in need of more doctors (only one is serving there now and has been faithful since 2002.  Nurses are needed at the Clinic to support the medical work being offered there for the citizens of the community.
Praise for Hope Clinic is that there are three chaplains serving at the clinic!  NursesClinic

Tree of Life Clinic in southeast Iowa, is in desperate need of Doctors, nurses, office staff, pharmacy help and other volunteers.

Eufaula Food Bank, the shelves are showing signs of much needed items of food as the demand continues. Food banks across the country are not able to serve the hungry, pray that Eufaula Food Bank can keep it’s shelves filled and its doors open. 

Free Medical Clinic of Branson - in Branson, MO is seeing more and more individuals who are in need. Pray for staff as the increase in hours is contemplated.

Pray for Richard McCool as he continues to serve as Director of Life Borders, his support, his health and wisdom to complete the tasks that have been assigned to him.

Santuary Outpost LOGO – Chris & Vickie Kilpatrick 

Beyond the borders and stewardship

Prayers for relief from the weather of tornados, drought, storms and protection for those who are in harms way not only from weather but from attacks from the dark forces of this world.

We are looking for places to present the good news of CRM international, help us recognize the smallest opportunity to share not only about CRM but even more about Christ.

We are looking for a home church, please pray that we will be sensitive to God’s direction and guidance.
As we close the secular part of our lives and enter full-time ministry, please pray that transition will go smoothly and we can focus on the work of the Lord.

Vickie and I need continual guidance in our ministry; please pray we can see the direction we are to take.


We took the time for a visit to Canyon Lake. A little break from the heat, and a stop at Tortilla Flat.
Nice day off.
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Continue to pray for us as we seek to serve the Lord here in the desert.
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  1. Wow.....You are involved in a very large ministry........ God's power keep you and use you mightily

    all our love
    pj and L

  2. Great post! Thanks for spotlighting CRM and explaining what you do in AZ.

  3. Thanks for posting the prayer points in your periodical. How are the fires effecting you? I would think they would be somewhat east of you. Our son just returned from Ajo, AZ and said he could see the plume cloud rising and getting bigger all day during his drive.

    Again thanks for all that you do for the ministry of the Lord!

  4. You are in our prayers… this fire is really a major issue and will be – if ever distinguished – we will keep all the people and the unknowns in our prayers.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Branson!

  5. I got your area down to pray for ...... and the fire fighters too.

    You both are an encouragement to me
    thank you

  6. Greetings ! I pray all is well for you, your family, and your ministry !